Director of Development

Reports to: Managing Partner
Full time; Exempt

Our Why

In the United States, too few students have access to effective, high-performing public schools. At City Fund (CF), we work to increase educational opportunities for students and families by partnering with city and state leaders to create innovative public school systems. We believe that public schools do best when:

  • Educators have the power to make decisions that meet the diverse needs of their students;
  • Families are provided the information and access to choose the best schools for their children; and
  • Schools are held accountable for helping all students succeed.

We’re inspired by the growing number of cities that have empowered educators to dramatically expand opportunities for students in public schools.

What We Do

City Fund provides financial support and expertise to local leaders seeking to improve educational opportunities in their cities.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that the work in cities will only succeed if it is led by leaders who reflect the students and families they serve. We are investing in diverse leaders to increase the number of Black and LatinX leaders who hold roles as superintendents, non-profit executives, and other city-level roles.

What You’ll Do

Your work as the Director of Development will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. The more resources we raise for the communities we serve, the more good we can do. The Director of Development will report to the Managing Partner and lead the effort to identify funders to support the vision and mission of City Fund. Our primary funding partners are major foundations that have the capacity to give seven to nine-figure gifts. It will be your job to identify philanthropists who share our values and can make major commitments to communities of color throughout the country. Our goal is for our nation’s top philanthropists to invest in our partner cities at the same level they have traditionally invested in elite institutions of higher education. The kids we serve deserve this kind of support.

What You’ll Own

As Director of Development, you will:
Identify Potential Funders and Secure Meetings
  • Conduct research on potential philanthropic partners, sourcing from publicly available data and CF leadership.
  • Establishing an outreach plan for these donors, using CF senior leaders and board members to secure meetings with philanthropic principles.
Prepare CF Leadership to Convert Meetings into Grants
  • Research the values, grant history, and strategy of foundation principles.
  • Develop approach and materials for the meeting to prepare CF leaders and board to successfully execute the meeting.
Manage a Communications, Tracking, and Grants System
  • Creating a communication and reporting mechanism to ensure regular dissemination of information to senior leaders and board members in the organization
  • Track all activities in a CRM system.
  • Monitor all grant reporting deadlines.
Write Grant Proposals and Reports
  • Crafting grant proposals that represent the vision, mission, and values of CF, and that clearly establish the urgency in the work.
  • Successfully complete all grant reporting requirements.

What Skills You’ll Need to Be Successful

Development experience, while useful, is not necessary for this role. Ambitious and high-impact generalists can excel in helping us raise a lot of money for the communities we serve. The most important skills for the role include:
Excellent Communicator
  • It will be your job to help us communicate our complex work in a concise and compelling manner, including writing memos to donors and developing PowerPoint presentations.
Strong Relationship Building
  • You will need to build great relationships with our funding partners, as well as our internal team, who will be providing you the information you need to succeed.
Moving Fast
  • We research a lot of potential donors, communicate frequently with our existing donors, and are constantly trying to improve how we communicate. People who move fast and are able to accomplish a lot on quick timelines will thrive in this role.

What You’ll Bring

  • Deep commitment to CF’s mission and strategy. People who believe deeply are the best ambassadors.
  • A background in development, non-profit management, management consulting, law, or investment banking.
  • Deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and improving conditions in marginalized communities.
  • Ability to succeed in a highly autonomous work environment.

How to Apply

To apply to this position, please send the following documents and information to Any applicant who fails to provide all required information will not be considered for this position.
  • Cover Letter: Share your interest in this role highlighting key professional achievements related to this position and what you hope to attribute to the organization in this capacity.
  • Resume: Clearly outline relevant work experience and any prerequisites that make you the ideal candidate for this position. Please be sure to include the dates of your employment.
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