Our Approach

City Fund partners with local leaders to create innovative public school systems.

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In other school districts, teachers and principals are subject to a thicket of rules, imposed by a central bureaucracy. In New Orleans, schools have far more control.”

A City Reborn

Following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, educators were empowered to reopen many local public schools with non-profit governance. The performance of New Orleans students rose dramatically compared to students across Louisiana.

State Average Test Scores
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Together, D.C. district and charter public schools have improved faster than those of any state over the past decade.”


Projected and actual change in main NAEP scores for DC and DC Public Schools (DCPS)

All boats rising in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. shows how traditional and public charter schools can work together to increase educational opportunity for all students.

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We were given the freedom to be trusted 100 percent for the first time, because all the other times, even though we were turning schools around, we still always kind of had to operate around certain district parameters”

A Promising Start

Innovation schools and non-profit charter schools are delivering improved academic results and spreading innovative practices across all public schools in Indianapolis.

Charter Schools

+ 75
estimated days of learning over the district in reading