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A Pawtucket school where guidance is great

Rachael Okpara’s journey from a turbulent middle school to Harvard University illustrates the transformative impact of education and support. Despite challenges, her immigrant parents instilled high expectations. Attending Blackstone Academy Charter School (BACS) provided Rachael with a peaceful environment where she excelled. With 92% of BACS’ Class of 2023 graduating on time and many attending prestigious colleges, BACS prioritizes college and career readiness. Rachael’s story emphasizes the life-changing opportunities education offers, paving the way for a successful future.

“BACS developed a spring-loaded college-and-career launching pad,” Okpara said. “From day one, this was the message: High school graduation is critical, another foundational building block. But high school is only the platform for the next, far more important chapter of your life.”

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