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D.C. student test scores improve incrementally after pandemic-era plunge

Students in D.C. made modest gains on standardized tests last school year — a glimmer of hope following a pandemic-era plunge, but a sobering reminder that children are still struggling in the wake of the public health crisis. But the scores also signal that students haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels. In Friendship Public Charter Schools, where officials said students have rebounded to pre-pandemic reading levels, teachers point to their close ties with students. 

“We have seen high retention of our strongest teachers, and they have good relationships that we’re able to leverage,” said Patricia A. Brantley, chief executive of the Friendship charter network. “We find that our students need to have those ongoing, long relationships. It gives us this other data beyond test scores about how students learn best, what motivates them and what they can do.” 

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