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Educator’s View: To Truly Appreciate Teachers, Schools Must Give Them Generous Pay, Opportunity to Grow & Autonomy. How My Charter Network Is Doing Just That

Denver’s Rocky Mountain Prep charter network is making a multi-million dollar investment to raise teacher salaries and giving their best teachers more autonomy, according to network CEO Tricia Noyola. The increases include starting salaries and the salary schedule, putting the network on equal footing with Denver Public Schools and above the salaries of neighboring systems. According to Noyola, all lead teachers in Title I schools will receive a $2,000-a-year bonus. Rocky Mountain Prep will also introduce the PEAK Teacher program, rewarding educators who exemplify the core values of perseverance, excellence, adventure, and kindness with salaries of $80,000 to $110,000 per year. 

“I’m committed to providing the best place for teachers who are committed to upholding the school’s values and for all students to realize their full potential through a rigorous and loving elementary education,” said Noyola. “The best teachers deserve more than a “Best Teacher” mug and discounts at stores. They deserve to be paid like the hardworking, skilled, talented professionals they are.”

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