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In Camden, Philanthropy, District, Charter and Innovation Schools Are Working Together to Improve Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

Camden Education Fund (CEF) fosters collaboration and cross-pollination of best practices to better serve students with special needs. In doing so, CEF is providing a promising model for improving support and outcomes for priority student populations. This, according to Center for Learner Equity co-founder Paul O’Neill. By providing targeted program grants, communities of practice for special education teachers, working with local universities to strengthen Camden’s teacher pipeline, and recognizing great teaching through the Camden RISE teacher awards, CEF is working holistically with the city’s public, renaissance, and public charter schools.  

“In many cities, competition for students and friction among these different types of schools would be a barrier to collaboration,” wrote O’Neill in The 74 Million. “In Camden, however, educators are cooperating to break down institutional divisions and prioritize improving outcomes for students with disabilities specifically.”

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