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Memphis org helps parents advocate for their child’s education

In Memphis, the nonprofit organization Memphis Lift, led by Director Sarah Carpenter, empowers parents to advocate for their children’s education. Through choice counseling programs and community engagement efforts, Memphis Lift assists parents in navigating school transfers and developing individualized education plans. Their hands-on approach includes door-to-door outreach and support for parents facing educational challenges. Ebony Mayes and Latasah Griggs share how Memphis Lift has positively impacted their families, emphasizing the organization’s crucial role in supporting parental involvement in education. Recognized as a community changemaker, Memphis Lift receives support from local entities like Brown Missionary Baptist Church for its impactful work in advocating for education.

“If I didn’t have the Memphis Lift, I think, when it comes to my sons, they would be a statistic. I promote moving further in life than where we stay at. Because where we stay doesn’t define who we are or where we go in life,” says Griggs.

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