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New Jersey Children’s Foundation and Newark Schools Join Together To Launch Newark Common App

In order to better serve Newark families with a seamless and transparent enrollment process that promotes both equity and access, the New Jersey Children’s Foundation (NJCF) and Newark public schools launched the Newark Common App. The new app will serve as a unified application and enrollment portal for families who are interested in attending some of the city’s best-performing schools. Its development included feedback from local parents and school leaders to address long standing challenges and barriers for families. 

“After years of challenges, families deserve an upgrade, and the Newark Common App is a straightforward, family-first process that will be easy for families to navigate and select the school that works best for their child,” noted Kyle Rosenkrans, founder and executive director of the NJCF. “Today, we honor the needs of Newark’s families who deserve an enrollment process that embodies our shared values of equity and access.”

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