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Newark Charter School Parents and Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Restore Funding Cuts

Parents and advocates rallied in Trenton urging legislators to restore funding for charter school building repairs after proposed budget cuts. Organized by the NJ Public Charter Schools Association and NJ Children’s Foundation, supporters from Newark and other cities emphasized the urgent need for equitable facilities funding. Athena Davis-Shaw, a Newark parent, highlighted ongoing repairs post-Hurricane Ida, stressing the critical need for continued funding. Barbara Martinez of NJCF praised legislators for listening to constituents’ concerns directly, describing the lobbying effort as democracy in action: “It was encouraging to see the legislators we visited with truly listening to their constituents who are raising valid concerns about the funding needed to fix and maintain their schools.” The event advanced the #SameKidsSameNeeds campaign, advocating for fair treatment and adequate educational spaces for all students across New Jersey.

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