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Parents train education advocates to help children succeed in school

In the wake of the pandemic, many parents realized their children were struggling in school. Getting access to the right resources to get students caught up can be challenging, especially for students of color. Kimberly Dukes, an Atlanta mother of ten and founder of Atlanta Thrive, is empowering parents by educating them about how schools and districts operate so that they can make local public schools places where all students can succeed. 

“We empower parents to disrupt the inequities in education, so we educate, engage, and empower parents to change our education system for all kids in public school,” said Dukes. “When parents don’t know their rights, and parents don’t know exactly what it is their child needs, or don’t know how to speak up for themselves, they need a group like this because we’re gonna come out, not only for our child, but we’re showing up for your child as well.”

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