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Planned charter school in St. Louis County renews debate over public school funding

St. Louis County’s first public charter school will open this fall after approval from the Missouri State Board of Education nearly two years prior. The Leadership Academy plans to have 450 enrolled students in kindergarten through eighth grade by 2028 and was developed in partnership with The Mind Trust.  School leaders say the school will provide families with a high-quality alternative to the traditional public school system. 

“We are providing another option, an opportunity for parents to be a part of a school community where they not only have a voice, but their child has a voice, where their child is being able to exercise their leadership as students to help craft their experiences,” said Kimberly Townsend, the founding executive director.  “We just believe [in] the opportunity to partner and community, to provide an alternative option that is a free public school option for families.”

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