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St. Louis NAACP Marshals Local Nonprofits to Help Make Sure Every Child Can Read

Nonprofits in St. Louis, led by the NAACP’s “Right to Read” campaign, are mobilizing to address the persistent challenge of low literacy rates among Black students. With a goal to ensure all children in St. Louis achieve reading proficiency by third grade, the campaign is launching initiatives such as a listening tour and partnerships with local school districts. The stark disparities in reading scores between Black and white students highlight the urgent need for action, given the profound impact of low literacy on educational attainment and life outcomes. Collaborative efforts with other nonprofits like Bridge 2 Hope St. Louis and Turn the Page STL aim to empower families, provide resources, and offer tutoring support. By leveraging community resources and addressing systemic inequities, these organizations strive to transform the educational landscape and empower every child with the essential skill of reading.

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