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Tennessee education advocate calls on state to learn lessons of the pandemic, innovate for our students and schools

The Tennessee Charter School Center’s Maya Bugg argues that the past two years taught us many things about what a public school education can look like. In a piece for The Tennessean, she observes that teachers, parents, and students all found new ways to learn and stay connected. Those adaptations can be instructive, according to Bugg, in continuing to grow public schools into institutions that better support students, families and communities.

She further urges state and local policy makers to further prioritize the voices of parents and community leaders while at the same time providing educators the flexibility they require to respond to the diverse needs of those families and communities. Failing to learn lessons, Bugg concludes, would be to give into learning loss of our own, putting students further from opportunity.  

Read Maya Bugg’s piece in the Tennessean here