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Why we should ban out-of-school suspensions for grades K-5

Equity in Education, prompted by troubling statistics, urges action to address disciplinary inequities in Atlanta Public Schools (APS). With 63% of disciplinary incidents leading to out-of-school suspension (OSS) and 95% of OSS recipients being Black students, the organization advocates for immediate policy changes. Recommendations include extending the ban on OSS to grades 4 and 5, implementing restorative justice practices, and ensuring students’ access to recess and after-school programs. Reflecting on personal experiences, Anthony Wilson, Executive Director of Equity in Education, stresses the need for supportive interventions over punitive measures, emphasizing the importance of creating a nurturing environment where all children can thrive. “Rejecting children from environments where they’re supposed to be welcomed, [given space to] bloom and grow and discover themselves is the most detrimental thing you can do for a child.” says Equity in Education fellow, Kellye Britton. 

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